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Warriors Project - Drills & Tips, Monthly Issue 105 - Aggressiveness Exercises
August 01, 2018

Improving Mental and Physical Ability Through Aggressiveness Exercises

Aggressiveness exercises are a great way to improve our mental and physical abilities. In our next issues we will cover a few of them.


Holding a 'tug of war' rope we assume the crawling position in the middle of the space ‎‎(whether indoors or outdoors). The rope can be tied around our body, in order to balance ‎the pressure of holding the rope between different parts of the body. The aim of the ‎exercise is to pull our partner to our side of the space only with the rope. During this drill ‎we perform the task while facing each other.‎ In other words we're trying to crawl backward and take our partner with us.


‎1. The only way to influence our partner is through the rope.‎

‎2. It is very important we maintain a play mentality.‎

‎3. We can decide to work in time sets, meaning for example, that for 3 minutes, we ‎continue the drill no matter how many times one partner was pulled to the other side of ‎the space. In general, the amount of sets, their duration and the length of time of each set, ‎should be decided upon according to our abilities and endurance level both mentally and ‎physically.‎

‎4. It is worthwhile to choose a space which isn't too big, so pulling our partner to the other ‎side becomes a feasible achievement.‎

5 It is important we look for the aggressiveness inside the exercise rather than the techniques which can be applied. We shouldn't look to achieve our goal through joint-locks or strikes of any sort.

6. When we finish the exercise it is very important to stretch our whole body.

Enjoy the Sweat

The Warriors Project

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