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Warriors Project - Drills & Tips, Monthly Issue 88 - Aggressiveness Exercises
March 01, 2017

Improving Mental and Physical Ability Through Aggressiveness Exercises

Aggressiveness exercises are a great way to improve our mental and physical abilities. In our next issues we will cover a few of them.


This drill starts with one person embracing a ball as firmly as possible while his partner tries to release the ball. Once the ball is released you can either start over or change roles.


1. It is very important we maintain a play mentality, and remain soft and gentle in our touch' so that the exercise doesn't turn into a fight.

2. We can decide to work in time sets, meaning for example, that for 3 minutes, we continue the drill no matter how many times our partner succeeds in taking the ball. In general, the amount of sets, their duration and the length of time of each set, should be decided upon according to our abilities and endurance level both mentally and physically.

3. It is important that we look for the aggressiveness inside the exercise rather than the techniques which can be applied. We shouldn't look to achieve our goal through joint-locks.

4. When we finish the exercise it is very important to stretch our whole body.

Enjoy the Sweat

The Warriors Project

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