Improving our punching with weights??

There are many ways to improve our punching ability. We have gone over some of them in previous additions

Training our punch with the help of weights, them being heavy or light, holds certain advantages while having at least one very big disadvantage – The arm muscles must support the weight while punching...

This leads to the fact that without the weight our punches will tend to go up + we are improving arm, back and shoulder muscles we don't need for the punch (which will automatically make our punch slower and therefore less powerful).

This fact can be dealt with in 3 ways:

1. Drilling the exercise in small douses not more than 1 time a week for not more than 5 minutes.

2. Training only upward punches such as uppercuts (In this case we may train it as much as we want, without worrying about unwanted side effects).

3. Throwing the weight instead of keeping a hold of them…

On this note we will continue our next newsletter...

Enjoy the Sweat

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