Improving punching explosiveness

Punching explosiveness is an essential attribute for any martial artist.

The strength of our arms compose around 20% of our striking power, the 80% left divide between our hip and back rotation and our weight distribution.


We exercise jumping pushups. Every pushup we push ourselves as high as possible and as soon as we land we shoot back up as quickly as we can (causing a plyometric effect)

2 hand jumps are considered 1 set.


1. We complete 70% of our max ability and we do it between 3-10 times. 2-3 minutes rest between each set.

2. It's important not to allow the elbows to exceed further back than our body, because we don't strike from that position as well.

3. It's important to practice the hand width as if we were punching, it will strengthen the arm structure for the punch.

4. When landing, we always do it with our elbows bent, for absorbing the hit better

Enjoy the Sweat

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