Improving Stomach Muscles for Martial Arts - No. 2 Using a Medicine Ball

Stomach muscles are probably one of the most important muscles we have for supporting our martial art training:

1. They are an important part of our body-core maneuverability

2. A main component as our core stabilizer

3. Important for protecting our internal organs against body blows.

There are many ways to improve and train our stomach muscles, in the upcoming articles we will go over some of them.


We lye down in a sit-up position legs 90 degrees feet flat on the ground. Our partner throws us the medicine ball we catch while going down. Our hands catch the ball and take it above our head.

Once reaching the ground (back, head and ball touching the ground) we push off using only our stomach muscles and throw ball back to our partner using our body-core to create a “catapult” effect – minimizing the use of our arm muscle.


1. The stronger the throw the more effect it has on our stomach muscles while going down.

2. Make the throw back (to our partner) as “ballistic” as possible, because in a fight when enduring a hit it is for a moment.. and then we must release and relax.

3. The arms should work as little as possible forcing the stomach muscles to work harder.

Enjoy the Sweat

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