Wall bag training

Improving our punch and striking using the wall bag

First we fill a bag with, cloth, dried corn, silicon or any thing which seems appropriate. We then hang the bag on the wall (there should be no space between the two). The bag, by the way, does not need to be heavy.

We then hit the bag with the strike we wish to develop.

The wall bags main emphasis is to improve the structure of our punching or palming. When striking we aim to deliver 100% of our hit to our opponent, but this can only be achieved with the correct structure (angle of the wrist, angle of shoulder, direction of strike…)

When beginning, it is recommended to wrap the hand and not to hit the bag with full force. We need to allow our body time to adapt and recover, therefore it is not recommended to train every day.

Avoiding over training will help us prevent injuries and rip the full benefits from this training tool.

We can hit the bag with any kind of strike, however, if we hit with a bit of a “follow through” it will improve the effectiveness of the exercise. Therefore we hit as though we want to pass through the bag, and not strike directly at the point of impact.

Enjoy this training tool and work it wise, the results will be soon to come.

Enjoy the Sweat

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