Using the Focus Mitts or Pads Part 4

Pad or focus mitts training.

Working the pads is used for improving and developing many attributes. In this article we will focus on the following:

• Correct timing

• Correct feel of distance

• Reflexes

• Balance

These are qualities which are part of the martial arts technique training section.

Focus mitts training has 2 general concepts:

1. The person holding the pads is our opponent, meaning that we stay faced and square to him even when striking the mitts. In this case the person holding the mitts should not hold them too far out from his body.

2. The person holding the pads is our opponent until he holds up the mitt for striking, in which case it becomes our opponent and we square off and face it (the pad). This trains the concept of always being squared to our opponent when hitting.


While raising the pad, we say 1 or 2 or 3 – meaning the amount of strikes we want our partner to give the pad.

While the hit is in progress, either on the first or second or third hit, we interfere with the strike using our hand (as if blocking), and let our partner, overcome the obstacle (our hand) to continue and strike at least 2 hits.


1. It is important not to give the same sequence over and over – so that it becomes a matter of reflexes to give the strike as fast as possible.

2. The tempo between sets must be changed.

3. The drill should be looked upon as a whole round – no stopping after the strike. If we notice that our partner "stops" after the strike we must show them an opening in their game – by throwing a fast "no hit" strike.

Enjoy the Sweat

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