Hand Wrapping

Hand wrapping can be a very important attribute for keeping our health during training.

When punching anything there can occur 2 kinds of injuries which hand wraps can help prevent:

1. External damage – skin wounds.

2. Internal damage – bone fractures, tendon/ligament stretches.

The method of wrapping which we use can often be focused on which kind of injury we want to prevent.

However the use of wrapping techniques used for preventing internal damage should be used in accordance with our fighting techniques and theory

In other words if we are boxing it is no problem to use the wraps at every training session, but if we are street fighters it will be a better idea to use the wraps as little as possible, because we must strengthen and build our fists ability to endure a punch without external help.

Here’s a link to a good video which gives an idea on how to wrap correctly – http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Hand-Wrap-Your-Hands-1478

Enjoy the Sweat

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