Improving hand and leg speed with small weights

First of all it’s important that the weights be light, usually not not over a kilogram (about 2 pounds) per hand, and not over 2 kilograms per leg.

It’s important not to over-do this exercise, because it will decrease our striking and movement accuracy. Overtraining will also assimilate a tendency to stop the strike - not “letting it go”.

When putting weights on the ankles, even without training kicks, our agility will improve.

During training it is important always to return the hands to our “fight position” (guard position) – this will improve our physical conditioning – our ability to keep our hands up…

A few more tips:

• A thorough warm-up before beginning is essential; we should also try not to make this our first drill in the training session.

• We should beware when returning our hands to "fighting position" not to hit our face with the weights… (one solution for this could be to use strap-on weights)

• Never finish a training session with this drill. Always perform another "technique oriented" exercise after this one. It will help our body "re-organize" itself - technique wise.

• Always stretch at the end of the session. Although the weights are light weighted they are still weights. If we don't stretch we will shorten and harden our muscles resulting in speed a loss.

• Although the weights are on the hands or ankles, we should still try to utilize the whole body - waist shoulders... If not this exercise will decrease our execution level and ability.

Enjoy this drill and work it wise, the results will be soon to come.

Enjoy the Sweat

The Warriors Project