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Warriors Project - Drills & Tips, Monthly Issue #049--Improving Stomach Muscles No 10
September 01, 2013

Improving Stomach Muscles No 10

Stomach muscles are probably one of the most important muscles we have for supporting our martial art training:

1. They are an important part of our body-core maneuverability

2. A main component as our core stabilizer

3. Important for protecting our internal organs against body blows.

There are many ways to improve and train our stomach muscles, in the upcoming articles we will go over some of them.


Static stomach muscle exercise - From a lying down position we raise our backs from the floor to about elbow height. We hold this position for as much as we want the set to go on for. During the drill we move our hands to different positions away from our body, making the internal muscles work as well.


1. The hands should be moved during a set in such a way that a balance is kept regarding the parts of the muscles which are trained.

2. If done correctly, the static drill forms into a dynamic internal one.

3. The amounts of sets and duration of them should be decided upon according to our abilities and endurance level both (mental and physical).

4. This exercise helps strengthen our stomach, core and back muscles, especially the inner ones, which helps provide the motion for such techniques as "bobbing and weaving" in boxing or shifting the core from one side to another in grappling.

5. Speed of hand movement, depends on our preference, but a slow speed is advised.

Enjoy the Sweat

The Warriors Project

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