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Warriors Project - Drills & Tips, Monthly Issue #045--Improving Stomach Muscles No 6
May 01, 2013

Improving Stomach Muscles No 6

Stomach muscles are probably one of the most important muscles we have for supporting our martial art training:

1. They are an important part of our body-core maneuverability

2. A main component as our core stabilizer

3. Important for protecting our internal organs against body blows.

There are many ways to improve and train our stomach muscles, in the upcoming articles we will go over some of them.


We hold a tennis ball in our hand. As we elvate ourselves to one side, we throw the ball on the wall so that it bounces back to us and the we can go back down.


1. The amount of repetitions should be decided upon according to our abilities and endurance level both (mental and physical).

2. This exercise helps strengthen our side stomach muscles which helps provide the motion for such techniques as "bobbing and weaving" in boxing or shifting the core from one side to another in grappling.

3. It is important that when throwing the ball from one side to another we make sure to use the whole core to turn, not just the hands.

4. We can play with the time we put into each repetition, as we see fit. It is recommended, however to change the tempo every now and then.

5. We can try, that while the ball returns, to manage and squeeze in another sit-up.

Enjoy the Sweat

The Warriors Project

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