Improving Explosive Power using the Jump Rope Part 1

Training with a jump rope is common in many martial arts. Even though it is a western form of training it has been welcomed as part of a good training regime in the east as well.

The jump rope improves our muscle tolerance and explosive power in the ones specifically needed for small jumps – exactly the small motions most of the martial arts use for punching and moving (using more jumping muscles will take us further, but disconnect us from the ground for too long in order for us to be agile and respondent…)

It is also a good way to develop coordination between hands and legs.


1. Every 10 jumps perform a double jump (the rope circles twice in one jump).

2. Perform 10 jumps on 2 legs then 10 jumps on each leg and repeat – we must remember that in the martial arts we rarely use 2 legs at the same time for moving.


1. Make sure you change speeds of rotation – it will simulate more precisely the needs of the muscles during the fight.

2. Remember that there is plyometric effect to the training. We can enhance it if we are aware of it.

3. Stretch and flex after training.

4. Play with the repetitions and tempo – the more we change, the more we demand from our body, the better the training.

Enjoy the Sweat

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