Improving body motion with the help of sticky hands exercise

This exercise is commonly used in Chinese martial arts such as Taichi , Shing Ee, Ba-Gua – Arts which are considered to be internal…


The sticky hand “game” is played in the following manner – Each partner has the goal of touching his partners body or face, each partner can “defend” himself by moving, his body or hands.

The game starts with the hands of each partner touching (lightly) the forearms of his “opponent”


1. Don’t be rigid. Allow your body and hands to move softly and fluently.

2. Don’t practice movements which are not supposed to be used in our martial arts technique, for example – bending the back to avoid an attack (if according to the martial art we practice it’s not encouraged).

3. Use the hips to utilize fast turning.

4. Don’t forget winning is not the issue, it’s the means to an ends…

5. Maintaining connection through the hands is important, but every now and then a release for touching (when an opening is observed) is possible – in general, though, we shouldn’t let it turn into a fencing competition…

6. The touch of the hands is light. The Chinese describe it as if we have caught a butterfly between our hand and our partners forearm – we want our hand to touch enough so that it doesn’t fly away, but on the other hand, not to put too much pressure so that we don’t kill it…

Enjoy the Sweat

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