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Warriors Project - Drills & Tips, Monthly Issue #038-- Improving punching power
July 01, 2012

Improving Punching Power

Striking power is an essential attribute for any martial artist.

The strength of our arms compose around 20% of our punching ability, the 80% left divide between our hip and back rotation and our weight distribution.

Push-ups are usually considered to be a good exercise for strengthening those muscles, and thus improving our striking power.


Perform a push up. After rising move one hand forward making the hands diagonal to the body. Now when we push up we will work with more weight on a specific arm.

Repeat the exercise as if "walking" with the hands. Every second pushup, is supposed to be a "normal" one (hands parallel to the body).


We need to make sure the our elbows don't pass our body, because we shouldn't punch in that manner anyways.

Focus when pressing on the hand we wish to put the most pressure on We can use it for training our martial arts conditioning – More ideas in future additions..

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