Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is part of the “first stage” of the martial arts techniques training - “working in the air”.

It can help improve all the elements of our martial art training - mental, physical and technical.


• Perform a combination of whatever and whichever movements and strikes you wish in the air, this is just to practice some technical and physical elements. We start the drill at a low pace and step it up with time.

• We perform the same drill, only now fighting with an imaginary opponent this adds, if done well, the mental element into this practice.


• Make sure that when the pace raises our quality of execution does not fall – hands protecting the face, utilizing the hip, balanced…

• We can use this as a warm up drill or as part of our main training drills. This is a great drill for working stamina both aerobic and anaerobic…

• If possible, performing in front of a mirror can help

We should understand that improper execution of this kind of drill usually means the next stages will not be executed well.

Enjoy the Sweat

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