Martial Art Training Systems

Martial art training - The martial arts have systems or methods by which they assimilate and ingrain their wanted qualities

Martial art training systems are comprised of 3 components:

Mental, Physical and Technical

MentalAnything which is related to the mental and psychology aspect of the warrior/fighter – toughness, aggressiveness, “no surrender” attitude – mental endurance, control of emotion, concentration and more..

There are many ways to train these aspects: Meditation, endurance exercises, hypnosis, fasting, “tortures”, ext... (This component is referred to in some martial arts as the spiritual component). It’s important to remember that this component, in its most basic definition isn’t meant to improve our life, or turn us into better people (although if this happens its great).

Its primary and most important goal is to teach and train the state of mind that a warrior ighter needs to obtain in a battle/fight.

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PhysicalEvery thing that has to do with the physical part of the warrior/f ighter – Physical strength, power, explosiveness, quickness, agility, reflexes, flexibility, cardio stamina, physical endurance and more.

There are many ways to train and obtain the needed results, such as: Acupuncture, physiotherapy, chi gung, weight lifting, running, sparring and much more..(This component in a particular martial art will be defined as the health part).

It is important to remember that this component in its base is not meant to improve our general health (Although if this happens it’s great), but to give our body the physical conditioning it needs for the battle/fight.

For example, a boxer will not devote as much to flexibility of the legs as a takewando fighter although it might benefit his overall health; A street fighter will not work on his cardio as much as a boxer, although like before his health might benefit from it.

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Technical – Everything that has to do with developing the weapons (punches, kicks, joint locks elbows, submission holds...), techniques, timing, responses and more, of the specific martial art.

Here, aswell, are countless training methods – Heavy bag work, speed ball, pair work, pad work, and much much more.

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It goes without saying that in most systems these components are trained at the same time –

A good punch is not only technical but also physical.

In an exercise where we train body shots and the response to them we train a number of components –

- Mental – Not to be afraid of the hit, even if we didn’t manage to avoid it.

- Physical – If we didn’t manage to defend the hit it helps us to train our physical endurance, and if we did, we do it through improving our quickness, agility and reflexes.

- Technically – The correct response to this kind of hit, and the correct way of hitting...

Martial art training - Systems and Methods

We need to understand the "How" –

We assimilate the components which we have decided that a warrior/fighter needs to be part of his innate behavior and response during a battle/fight!

The Checklist of Martial Art Qualities is a usefull tool.

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The systems or the methods, must train the three components:

– Mental

- Physical

- Technical

And assimilate them into the warrior/fighter.

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