The Warriors Project

This project is made up of martial artists from many different areas in the martial art world. It is devoted to sharing and spreading quality knowledge concerning the martial arts to everyone

Martial arts have been in a constant state of change for thousands of years. The Warriors Project was developed because many of us are not satisfied with where the martial arts have been, nor where they are going.

Some are professional athletes, competing in tournaments, ranging from Boxing, Kickboxing, Judo, Tai-Kwuan-Do to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Sambo to MMA.

Some are street fighters, some are bouncers, some are from military and police Special Forces, and some are mass or crowd fighters

Many of us have spent years searching for the right martial art for us, following teachers who themselves had no real understanding. Some were fortunate enough to find the perfect martial art for them with the right teacher, others are still searching.

Some have trained under ego oriented teachers, and some with inspirational ones.

Some are from the United States, some are from former Soviet Union countries, Some are from Europe and some from Africa, some from South America, and some from the Far East, some from Down Under and some from the Middle East..

Some are teacher’s trainers and some “only” still study. Some are fight oriented some combat oriented and some are not...Some are health oriented; some are mental development oriented…

But all

Understand the essence of the martial arts in a similar way and know people can truly and utterly benefit from this understanding...

We believe that time is not retrievable, and that improper knowledge makes people waste it.

We believe in logical thinking and analyzing. So we don’t believe that information should be judged by who is saying it, but rather by its quality

The Warrior Project is anonymous so you will be able to look at the information presented with out “prejudice”.

It will give everyone and anyone the opportunity to critique the quality, based on logic and experience rather then status and honors, ensuring that we have the best information available.

We want you to

- Read - the articles and information

- Analyze - everything

- Conclude - your thoughts and understandings

- Try - the techniques and tools described, and

- Share your thoughts, experience and knowledge with us, so we can grow together. This will ensure that the highest quality knoweledge about this world will not be withheld any longer.

We look at ourselves as map-makers, we are not the people who discover new worlds and continents, but instead are the ones that make sure that these new and old discoveries are explored and enjoyed by everyone

We hope this project will help you realize your full potential in any martial art, and helps you discover the warrior within - not necessarily the fighting one, but rather the one who accepts responsibility for his reality…

What is a martial art:

Theory and Sytem

Writing Method in the Warriors Project

Gender Use in Writing - we normally write in plural language, because we are a community devoted to this cause. Whenever we need to refer to a gender in our writing we do it via the male phrase. We apologize if it offends anyone - It is not our intention

Violence and the warriors project

Violence – “Exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse” – (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary) The warrior project doesn’t encourage violence of any kind, which is not agreed upon before hand between the parties involved (Boxing, MMA, Judo…) or that is not a part of Self Defense.

But the goal of the project is to look reality in the eyes, and understand that violence is part of our life. It always has been.

The Warriors Project hopes that people exposed to this information will never misuse or abuse it.

Use your skills and knowledge to help others

Please write us and tell us what you think, offer information, articles, tips, ideas or any else...


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