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Here you will find basic, simple, and comprehensive tools that will put order and give understanding to any system or style. In short, you can save your valuable time to train more efficiently and get better results.

Using the tools available on this site you will be able to examine what you have been doing or wanting to do, and achieve the true benefits you are looking for, saving years of unfocused training which will not take you where you want to go

Whether you are training for self defense, street fighting, MMA , tournaments, fun, health or otherwise, you will be able to concentrate your efforts, time, sweat and sometimes blood, to whatever it is you want to achieve.

“There are no favorable winds for those who have no direction” - Seneca

We will help you to find, define and focus your goals making them manageable and attainable so you can realize them more efficiently.

And even if the goals change along the way, you will still have the right tools and understanding to make the correct adjustments in your training.

No secrets!! No closed doors!! For you to develop to your true potential you have to truly understand the essence of the training. For you to reap the full benefits of your training you must understand it fully and deeply. For you to explore, deeply comprehend and appreciate this vast and amazing world you need to be able to see it inside and out - and here we give you the tools you need

“By reading the articles and information, you will be exposed to quality knowledge that was gathered, by the "Warriors Project", You will gain access to the years of experience, hard work, investigation, trials, errors, studies and teachings – We will explain arts fundamental building blocks; and your view and understanding of this world will never be the same again”

So, as always, we'll start at the beginning…

Not with the history, but rather with the essence:

What are the martial arts? What are the building blocks that it is built on? Understanding this is the key to opening up and unveiling this world –

Answering these questions will give sense to it all and is also the logic in which this site is organized upon – All will be clear soon – so,

What is a Martial Art?

We will try to answer this question in two ways that will compliment and complete each other –

The System - Part 1

Every complete martial art addresses of 3 components:

* Mental



Mental -

- This component is referred to in some systems as the spirtual component

The mental component includes anything that is related to the mentality and psychology of the warrior/fighter – toughness, aggressiveness, “no surrender” attitude - mental endurance, control of emotion, concentration and more...

There are many ways to train these aspects: Meditation, hypnosis, endurance exercises, fasting, “tortures”, ect... It’s important to remember that this component, in its most basic definition, isn’t meant to improve our lives, or turn us into better people (although if this happens its great).

Its primary and most important goal is to teach and train the state of mind that a warrior\fighter needs to obtain in a battle/fight.


This component in some systems will be defined as the health component

The physical component is everything that has to do with the physical part of the warrior\fighter – physical strength, power, explosiveness, quickness, agility, reflexes, flexibility, cardio\stamina, physical endurance and more.

There are many ways to train and obtain the needed results, such as: acupuncture, physiotherapy, chi gung, weight lifting, running, sparring and much more...

It is important to remember that this component, in its basic definition, is not meant to improve our general health (although if this happens it’s great), but to give our body the physical conditioning it needs for the battle/fight.

For example, a boxer will not devote as much time as a takewando fighter to gaining flexibility in his legs although it might benefit his overall health; A street fighter will not work on his cardio as much as a boxer, although, like before, his health might benefit from it.

Technical -

In some systems this component will be defined as the technique part

The technical component includes everything that has to do with developing the weapons (punches, kicks, submission holds, elbows,joint locks...),use of weaponary, techniques, timing, responses, etc, of the specific martial art.

Here, also, there are countless methods for training – heavy bag work, speed ball, pair work, pad work, and much much more.

It should also go without saying that, in general, these components are trained at the same time –

A good punch is not only technical but also physical.

In an exercise in which we train body shots and the response to them we are training a number of components:

* Mental – Not to be afraid of the hit, even if we didn’t manage to avoid it.

* Physical – If we didn’t manage to defend the hit it helps us to train our physical endurance, and if we did, we do it through improving our quickness, agility and reflexes.

* Technically – The correct response to this kind of hit, and the correct way of hitting...

The Theory - Part 2

Each complete martial art has a theoretical basis – That includes:

1. Definition and Conception of the battle/fight

2. Strategy

3. Tactics

4. Technique

5. Method of training and assimilation.

Definition and Conception of the Battle/fight – Are we in the army? Mass fighting? With weapons? If so, what kind? Armor? What is our range of fighting? Are we in the boxing ring, where can only use our punches? Are we on the street, where biting and throwing objects is allowed? Are we in a MMA cage, where hitting on the back of the head and kicking of the groin is not permitted?...

What are the physical boundaries - Human or other? – A punch has a shorter range than a kick; A person with a broken limb cannot continue to fight effectively; A person on one leg has less balance than one on two legs; A soft metal knife can cut into flesh, but not hard armor; Newton’s third law of physics: The power that I give is exactly the same and in the opposite direction as the power I receive…

And the third part: What is victory? – What are our goals in the fight – Killing? Controlling?, To knock unconscious? Do we want or are we willing to cause permanent damage?

“All of these are questions we must ask ourselves and know the answers to, in order to proceed to the next stage.”

Strategy – From the definition of the battle/fight comes the strategy, based on the conclusions from our definition and conception –

If our opponent will have a sword, we must learn and train, first, using a sword or a better weapon (gun, etc).

If he will have armor protection, it will be less effective to give body shots, and maybe we should concentrate on locks and choking.

If we’re going to fight on the streets, do we want to avoid the ground fight as much as possible? On the ground will we be able to respond effectively to more than one opponent? Will we be more vulnerable to eye gouging and groin attacks?

If we’re in the boxing ring and we know we cannot be taken to the ground, can we “allow” ourselves to throw a punch with all our body weight?

In general, what are the limitations of our battle\fight definition and conception? And what would be the best situation that will give us the best opportunity for winning?

Tactics –From the strategy we can determine our tactics, or the way in which, in a specific battle/fight situation, we can obtain an advantage so that we can use our “weapons” and techniques in the best way

For example: In boxing if we’re facing a taller opponent, our tactics would be to get to a closer position so that our punches can easily reach him, but his are less effective. Of course the opposite is true, if you’re the taller boxer.

If we want to fight an opponent who is much heavier than us on the ground, our tactics might be, to make sure we are on top of him when we fall on the ground;

If it’s a mass fight, our tactics might be to get to a position where the majority of our guys are fighting their minority (the narrow side). If there is a door/entrance, we might attack the people just as they are coming out.

If we are fighting a very agile and quick fighter on the street, we might try to force him into a corner, so that he cannot move as much...

In general, the tactics include, whatever we decide to do in a specific situation before the actual contact.

Technique – From all of these elements we draw our technique

How do we move in a manner with which we can control our opponents movement? For instance "cutting the way of movement”.

What kind of weapons do we have for close range fighting – elbows, uppercuts maybe biting or head butting...? And how do they need to be delivered so that they can be most effective?

How do we take a larger opponent to the ground?

How do we make an effective arm lock?

If we have a sword, what kinds of cutting and stabbing techniques? How do we execute them?

How do we control the fighting distance?

And much much more.

The theory of technique answers five basic questions: what, where, when, how and which.

The Theory

Now we understand that both Parts 1 and 2 are related and complete each other. From the definition and conception of the fight through the technique - The Theory - We conclude the

What we want to achieve. Then we need to understand how we will achieve it

Method of training and assimilation

The way with which we assimilate the components we have decided that a warrior/fighter needs, so that it becomes his innate behavior and response during a battle/fight!

The system or method must train the three components from Part 1 – Mental, Physical, Technical - and assimilate them into the warrior/fighter.

All these combined make up a Martial Art

All for one, Short range, Purpose/Goal – to


O.K. now what??

Now we have a complete tool to analyze any system or style, and to understand what we are training and why. We should ask ourselves:

What is our goal and are we on the right path to achieving it through our specific martial art, and/or through the way that we are training it?

Now we have a tool to help us choose what's right for us!

Now we can take whatever we need, from any system, to help us reach our goals!!

This is the blueprint of any complete martial art.

This site is designed to be a reference source and not to be read from front to back. Read the articles and information which intrests you.

Some of the subjects are written in length and some are in short, but remember that appearance doesn’t matter – quality does – We want to give you a reference guide to help you train, not a book to sit and read for hours.

All the articles are written to be economical, logical and insightful. Getting to the essence and true nature of things - exactlty the way a martial art should be

Feel free to respond, to any of the information presented in this site through our contact us. We believe that everyone has valuable information that can enlighten us as well as the rest of the visitors and members.

A martial art is not sacred - it’s a way, a path for you to achieve your goals and realize your full potential. How can you develop and reach your potential without understanding the way?

Now you have a map that will lead you along the path of the warrior, and will help you decide where to turn and when and where to keep going straight in order to reach your destination. Using these tools will enable you to become the warrior you want to be!!


Choose any building block that interests you. To read more and to start taking your martial art development to a new level so you can continue your on your martial art path -

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