Improving Explosive Power of Body Movement


1. We step in any direction and then step in another direction as fast as we can. Using the plyometric method of training, this will improve the explosive power in the direction of the second step we execute.

2. We perform the same exercise, but now we do so while holding or attaching weight to our body trunk.


1a. We must perform a thorough warm up before beginning.

1b. We must not over work ourselves with these exercises – plyometrics can cause serious injuries to tendons, ligaments and muscles if over trained or done improperly, we must stop before feeling pain.

2. The weight should be attached to the trunk rather than the legs to best simulate the effort needed by the muscles.

3. We must maintain the qualities of our technique as if we were training without weight, usually if we become too tired to maintain the qualities it serves as a good reference for stopping the drill.

4. Perform the drill as time sets allowing a rest period for the trained muscles of at least 3-5 min.

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