On the Martial Art Potential site we give general information regarding the martial art world.

The information provided helps us to understand our goals and how to achieve them.

However, in the site we usually avoid going into specific training tips and drills – This is what the E-zine is for…

Here is the place where we go into details regarding specific drills, ideas for them and tips – Such are:

• Wall bag - drills & tips

• Heavy bag - drills & tips

• Sparring session - drills & tips

• Pad and focus mitts - drills & tips

• Physical endurance - drills & tips

• Partner - drills & tips

• Stamina - drills & tips

• Speed ball - drills & tips

• Nutrition diet plans, examples and specifics

• And much more (dri…Just kidding, you get the picture)

Nevertheless, the suggestions given here are not meant to substitute a teacher, instructor or coach, but they are intended to open the mind for different ways to develop. The best thing to do is try – what works keep, what doesn’t leave behind.

The information is element oriented not “specific martial art” oriented. We will give drills for improving a punch, a submission hold or using rubber bands…It is up to you to adapt it to your goals and specific martial arts’ theory and training system.

The Warriors Project is made up of a variety of martial artists. For this E-zine they took drills & tips that they and their martial arts system use, and made them relevant for the rest.

Why not take a drill from Sambo which can, after a few adjustments help us in Karate?!; Why not take a tip from Boxing and use it in our Brazilian Jujitso?!

We will begin with a monthly “drills & tips” mail, but as time progresses we will send (an opptional) one every 2 weeks.

Like in any martial art feedback is essential for improving and developing and we need yours!

Feel free to comment, suggest, enlighten or just share a good experience at - Contact Us

Enjoy the Sweat

The Warriors Project