Quality Checklist Of Any Martial Art

This list will help you focus your training on important elements and qualities for any martial art

We wrote this checklist just to sum up some basic qualities that are reviewed in the project, and to organize them in a way that will make it easier to understand the big picture and the small details.

This part is a 2.0 content page, so that we can exchange ideas not only in forums and contact forms...

Mental Qualities:

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1. Fighting spirit

2. Aggressivness

3. Fearlessness

4. Calm emotion control

5. Concentrated thought control

6. Mental endurance

7. Confidence

8. Awareness

Physical Qualities:

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1. Stamina

2. Agility

3. Strength

4. Flexibility

5. Power

6. Physical endurance

7. Speed

8. Quickness

9. Coordination

Technical Qualities:

Read about Martial Arts Techniques

1. Confidence in execution

2. Precision

3. Coordination

4. Timing

5. Balance

6. Techno tactic - correct use of technique according to the situation

7. Behavior - correct use of technique according to the situation.

8. Over committing

9. Use of faking

10. No blinking or turning of the head

11. Correct guard position

12. Good execution of technique

13. Squared to the opponent

Just to sum things up

This checklist represents quality components - and like making a cake which ever components we put in and, depending on the quantity of each one ,so is the outcome; In our case -

The kind of fighter or warrior produced

The process is simple:


We understand the C-S-T-T – and define our goals and end results To understand The theory


We define the qualities we want to develop in ourselves in order to achieve our goals, the system or method. You may use this list to get some ideas…and also use the following links to understand more about each component

Mental Training

Physical Training

Technical Training

Thirdly -

A lot of Hard, but Efficient, WORK!!

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