Deadliest Style of Martial Arts

What is the deadliest style of martial arts??? The Warriors Project tries to answer…

The deadliest style of martial arts is not an easy question to answer.

We will try to choose the deadliest style of martial arts by using an elimination system.

The first question:

Which art doesn’t aim to kill in its theory conception?

By answering this we can exclude from our options any competition martial art – Mixed martial arts, boxing, sport judo, taekwando, sambo…

Which art doesn’t use weapons?

Yes, some people can kill with their bare hands, but it’s not as deadly as using a weapon, which when “touching” a body can be devastating.

Now we can exclude from our options brazilian jiujitso, capoeaira, jeet kune do….

What are the deadliest weapons?

we only regard short range weapons…

A knife or a sword would probably be the only “survivors” of this question, because they hold the most lethal potential in every “touch” - almost any place a knife or sword stabs cuts or slashes can lead to death.

Which of the “cutting” weapons is the best or deadliest?

This is where the answers get tricky…Because no 2 weapons are the same, and due to the fact that sharpness plays an important factor in effectiveness, it is very hard to generalize…

Nevertheless the samurai sword, katana, is widely regarded as the perfect weapon. Its qualities and performances are impeccable.

It is regarded by the warriors project as the perfect sword – not too long and heavy, which usually effects mobility, almost unbreakable and sharp as a razors edge.

Are 2 better than 1?

Yes the samurai sword is the best weapon, but what if the “runner up” is also good and with it we can fight with 2 hands – each one holding a knife or sword?

It is definitely a factor. The Wing Chun’s butterfly knifes and other kung-fu weapons such as double saber or broad sword are good competitors.

Now the question remains whether or not 2 katana’s can be used effectively in battle. It is not for theWarriors Project to argue or prove whether it is possible or not, rather we should point out the facts.

Unlike the butter fly knifes of wing chun, for instance, fighting with 2 katanas is not taught as the main part of the art, rather the martial artist is taught to hold the katana with 2 hands, or in the worst case with one katana and in another hand to fight with a wakizashi or shōtō (small sword), tantō (dagger).

Therefore we conclude that even if there were stages of practice with 2 samurai swords, they were only taught as an extreme situation practice and not as the basis art.

However the question remains whether 2 is better than 1. At the project this remains a controversy.

Which is the deadliest style of martial arts?

Concluding from the arguments listed above we conclude that the deadliest style of martial arts are

• Wing chun (because of the butter fly knifes).

• Kenjitsu - the art of the Japanese sword - many Japanese martial arts have kenjitsu in them such are: Iaido, Kendo, Aikijiujitsu...

Kung-fu styles which teach the use of double swords such as – Tai-chi , ba-gua…


This list is by no means complete. For us the main point was to show the thought process which accompanies this kind of discussion. However we know that it is not the only way to think or answer this kind of question.

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