Martial Arts Styles

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Martial arts styles

As we explained in “types of martial arts”, the martial arts styles are a sub category of the types of martial arts, meaning that in a “uniqe” martial art there can be many styles.

(i.e. - Tai chi (“unique” martial art) – Chen, Yang, Sun, Wu (styles of Tai Chi)

A style is firstly and “historically” created by a practitioner who develops his own fighting style, later on if this person becomes a teacher with many disciples his method of teaching and fighting style become a martial art style or branch.

Analyzing the styles from the “martial art theory” perspective; The martial arts styles are usually similar in their views on the conception and strategy of a the fight, but usually differ in either, the tactics, techniques and or assimilation method (system of martial art training) - in some or in all.

Another aspect of fighting style which can be referred to is the characteristic of a persons fighting. There can be many such as:

• Counter – A person who usually waits for the attack and responds

• An aggressor – one who always pushes forward trying to attack and put his opponent in a defensive mode.

• A player – this is usually a fighter that doesn’t mind to win the fight “on points” if that’s what it takes to win with as little risk as possible.

• And more…

Of course a talented fighter or martial artist can make use of all the styles depending on the demands of a certain fight or a phase inside one.

How ever usually the fighting style of a martial artist is determined by his true nature, skills and abilities.

More over, as discussed in Martial Arts Mental training, not every fighting style adaptable to Boxing, for example, will be logical to use in say, army hand to hand combat…

In this section we will list some of the more common Martial arts styles or branches (of the first kind we talked about) known to us:


• Kinomichi


• Modern Arnis


• Doyle Family


• American

• Cuban

• English

• Soviet


• Duan Family

• Gao Family

• Hu Family

• Wang Family

• Liu Family

• Zhao Family

Choy Lei Fut

• Chan

• Buk Sing

• Hung Sing

Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu

• Hakko-ryu

• Hisa

• Horikawa

• Sagawa

• Tokimune

Eagle Claw:

• Chen Zizheng

• Liu Qiwen

• Zhang Zhan Wen


• French

• German

• Italian

• Spanish / Destreza

Fujian White Crane

• Crying Crane

• Flying Crane Fist

• Morning Crane Fist

• Sleeping Crane Fist

Hung Ga

• Five Pattern

• Ha Sei Fu

• Tiger Crane


• Chung Suk Kuhapdo

Iranian Wrestling / Koshti

• Pahlavani

Jeet Kune Do

• Keysi Fighting Method


• Brazilian

• German

• Japanese

• Small circle


• American Kenpo

• Ashihara-kaikan

• Budokan

• Butokukan

• Enshin Kaikan

• Gensei-Ryu


• Gojo-Ryu

• Kenpo Kai

• Kokondo

• Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo

• Kyokushinkai

• Shidokan

• Shindo Jinen-Ryu

• Shito-Ryu

• Shotokan Ryu

• Shudokan

• Shuri-Ryu

• Wado-Ryu

• Yoshukai


• American

• Caribbean

• Japanese

Kuntao Silat

• American Kuntao Silat

• Kuntao Angin

• Kuntao Silat de Thouars

• Liu Seong

• Malabar

• Talio

Lucha Libra/Luta Livre

• Brazilian

• Mexican

Muay Boran

• Muay Chaiya

• Muay Korat

• Muay Lopburi

• Muay Thasao

Northern Praying Mantis

• Eight Step

• Long Fist

• Plum Blossom

• Secret Gate

• Seven Star

• Shiny Board

• Six Harmony

• Taiji

• Taiji Plum Blossom

• Throwing Hand


• Combat Sambo


• Baoding

• Beijing

• Mongol

• Shanxi

• Tianjin

• Xinjiang

Southern Praying Mantis

• Chow Gar

• Chu Gar

• Iron Ox

• Kwong Sai Jook Lum


• Ryabko

• Kadochnikov

Tai Chi

• Chen

• Sun

• Wu Chuan-yu

• Wu/Hao

• Yang

Wing Chun

• Hong Kong – Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun…

• Main Land – Traditional

• Vietnamese


We tried to martial arts styles which are alive, meaning still practiced today, and not ones which are not.

Even though the Warriors Project is full of versatile fighters and martial artists coming from a wide range of martial arts many of the styles listed below are not practiced by the projects participants.

Therefore some of the styles are listed only according to written material rather than first hand experience… Through our examination of the material (both off line and on line) we tried to conclude which of the “nominees” are true and complete martial art styles

If anyone thinks we have missed or misjudged an art or style please contact us

*Note - The terms Wushu, Kung Fu, Kenpo Jujutsu… – are not treated as martial arts of / on their own - which have styles, but rather as a general term for a specific martial art which testifies to its origin and sometimes nature…

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