Martial Arts Technique

Learn the five questions behind any Martial ArtTechnique

Technical theory needs to cover five basic questions:

1. Which weapons are we using? – Elbow; head but; punch – upper cut, hook; kick; knife; stick; joint lock; submission holds; stance; and so on...

2. How are we using them? - For instance the punch can be given with the whole body weight behind it, or only with the waist turning. It can use different parts of the knuckle and come from different directions

3. When do we use them? - Distance, timing….

4. What do we use it on? - Body, head, groin, elbow….

5. Where are we fighting?- In a street fight, commonly making it a life and death situation, or in the mma cage, maybe in the boxing ring, or maybe as a combat soldier...

Of course all of the answers above are natural outcomes of the C-S-T-T , so it’s normal that they’re expressed through the technique.


A common mistake imbedded through out the martial art world, is to have a response for each situation.

It just doesn’t work like this in real confrontation.

“The response and reflexes need to be assimilated in the fighter/warrior; it must be part of his fighting behavior!!

If it’s too complicated and the responses are too versatile we run the chance that our auto pilot won’t know how to "fly", That our body will be too confused about how it needs to behave and react”.

Martial Arts Techniques Training

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