Reverse Effect in Martial Arts Training

Learn how over training and improper training give us bad results, and assimilate wrong reactions and responses

Reverse Effect - Contrary to common belief in martial arts, like any other field, there is such a thing as over and improper training.

It can lead to injuries, decrease of motivation and assimilation of bad behavior and response.[We will publish more information about injuries due to improper and over training, as part of our physical training section, in the future]

In this short summary we will explain a bit about –

Bad behavior and response assimilation

“Reverse effect” – Is a situation in which - our training it self - instead of improving us in light of our final objective, and bringing us closer to our goals - takes us further away..

Let’s examine an example (one out of many) -

Imagine practicing with a “bully” as a partner –

Someone who has no control over the power of his strikes (or doesn’t want to control…) , and who is only interested in hitting us as if we were in a real fight with him.

We’ve seen it happen many times, sometimes it turns into a fight session and not a training one, and if it doesn’t, usually the consequences are clear:

Mentally -

– We lose our confidence in our abilities - and one basic quality that training correct is supposed to give us is confidence in our abilities.

For more on Mental Training in a Martial Art


• We will not be able to practice our technique because our partner doesn’t let us.

• We start to take our eyes off our opponent (either turning the head or blinking) because we’re used to getting hit

• We over commit with our strikes, or don’t commit at all - two sides of the same coin.

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(This is the reason why fighters before a competition train with sparring partners which they can “win”; and with whom they can develop…

“Reverse effect” can be dealt with not only through avoiding" the training which can cause it, but also through altering the state of mind and mental focus during the session.

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