Submission Holds

Submission holds – Learn how and when to use them in the different martial arts and fighting systems…

Submission holds are holds which force an opponent to submit.

They are divided into three main categories –


• Chokes

• Pressure points and compression locks

Details for each category will be specified in each specific article; however there are common issues which we will address.

Common submission points

• They are used for controlling an opponent rather than they are for knocking out.

• They are problematic to use when facing multiple opponents, because they take time to apply.

• Before applying it is best to strike first in order to achieve one of two:

1. Disorienting to allow and assume the position

2. Forcing the attention on defending against the strike, rather than defending against the advancing of the controlling position.

• If the fight is not a "full scaled" one, and our opponent is not striking then a submission can be applied without a “preparing” strike. This sort of applications are common in law enforcement, body guard and bouncer situations.

• The majority of the holds are easier to apply and maintain on the ground than when standing up.

MMA and submission

The MMA evolution has seen increasing interest in submission techniques.

However, pressure points and compression lockss are rarely used. This is due to the high amounts of adrenaline in the blood which makes us, to a certain extent, indifferent to pain.


“If, when and how” to use the holds - the answers for these questions are determined with in the specific theory of the martial art.

The way in which we train the holds depends on the martial art system .

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